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By Brad Davidson

The Fit Executive

How to Survive Thanksgiving

Because of the shear volume of dairy, foods full of wheat, lots of carbs and the fact that they’re combined with lots of fats make the Thanksgiving Dinner a great, big, health and fitness sledge hammer. Even the vegetables are drenched in goodness (by that I mean badness). And, most of the turkeys being consumed are not free-range, potentially offering the only saving grace to your fall.

However, all is not lost. Two very simple steps to minimizing the negative impact of the meal has nothing to do with changing what you’re eating. Come on, that’s just not going to happen.

Tips to minimize the negative impact:
1) Workout really hard the morning on Thanksgiving on an empty stomach
2) Stop eating carbs right now up until you sit down for the big meal

To further understand why this works, see the video below for a brief explanation on the hormonal impact of the exercise, limiting carbs, and how for the healthiest of us, by going through those steps, you may actually come out even better on Black Friday!

Remember, it’s your health, man up!

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