Branding Matters

By Tanya Salcido

Branding Matters

How to Create the Ultimate Client Experience in 2012

Whether you’re an advocate of New Year’s resolutions or you don’t believe the hype, the start of a new year really is the perfect time to think about what you want to accomplish in the months ahead and what you’re going to do to make this year better than the last. In that spirit, it’s time to stop just thinking about how you’re going sell to your clients and start thinking about how you’re going to create the ultimate client experience for them in 2012 and beyond.

If you went to the websites of four or five of your competitors, you would probably notice that when it comes down to it, you all are saying pretty much the same thing. In the mind of a potential customer, if you all say the same thing, you all do the same thing. So, you end up getting evaluated on price alone because you’re not setting yourself apart. And that’s a situation that few (if any) of us like to be in because it doesn’t let our true colors and strengths shine through.

According to marketing strategist Kelly Weppler Hernandez of WEPPLER, HERNANDEZ & ASSOCIATES, whom I had the pleasure of chatting with recently, the best way to differentiate yourself and your business is by creating an experience. This experience starts when someone first hears your name, sees your ad or reads their cousin’s post about you on Facebook, and it carries through the seven stages of the buying cycle:

1. Know
2. Like
3. Trust
4. Try
5. Buy
6. Repeat
7. Refer

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