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By Brad Davidson

The Fit Executive

How Making Minor Tweaks to Your Diet Can Reduce Inflammation

Did you know that you can drastically reduce the amount of inflammation in your body by making minor changes to your diet? As we get older, inflammation builds and can create a greater risk for a heart attack. Never-fear, here’s some useful tips:

  • Remove omega 6 oils such as vegetable oil from your diet.
  • Gluten be gone. Take Wheat out of your diet and watch the water weight fall off.
  • Use butter or coconut oil to cook with.
  • When you go out to eat, ask that your food is cooked in butter or olive oil.

Within two weeks you can expect to see 5-7 pounds of weight loss and all from removing these inflammatory foods!

Remember, it’s your health. . . . man up!

A Video about Inflammation

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