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How it’s Done: Refresh Talent Agency

How It’s Done is an inside look at the people in Orange County who are making things happen. From small businesses to the big guys, I’ll write a little about how they go about their business.

As you may know I’m very involved in producing all kinds of content via my production company. I want to be at the intersection of ‘content’ and ‘context’ now and when broadcast TV is disrupted (like the music industry was) in 12-24 months like most experts predict.

I’m always on the look out for new talent and often need them for TV spots and photo or video shoots we’re doing for brands.

It’s a small world here in Orange County and I met Alice, founder and CEO of Refresh Talent Agency via a mutual friend and at one of our biz meetups at Linked Orange County.

I was super impressed with Alice’s personal background in brand marketing and strategy. This, combined with Refresh’s unique service offering, is how they are quietly building a reputation as one of the best talent agencies in OC and helping their clients do amazing projects.

Check out this video about Refresh Talent Agency:

Some of the key differentiators that I think are worth mentioning:

  1. Alice and team actually come from the client side of brand marketing and understand the needs of clients.
  2. Refresh Talent Agency isn’t just a database full of pretty people. They don’t just place models or talent blindly on projects. They work with the client to get as much info as possible about a shoot or project first. After finding the correct talent match, Refresh gives their talent a comprehensive download and prepares them for the job.
  3. Refresh continues to groom and train their growing database of models and talent to become the best they can be. Unlike bigger, less personal agencies, the Refresh team really seems genuinely concerned about helping their talent get new projects. This translates into strong loyalty and a great relationship between talent, Refresh and client.


It’s no wonder this little agency is doing big things in Orange County!

I’ve personally worked with Refresh recently on a project and can add my endorsement. Great people, great experience. I will definitely use them again.

If you’d like more info on Refresh Talent Agency, check them out here:

Refresh Talent Agency, Orange County, California


For inquiries/bookings:

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