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New Directions
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Having Passion…

To be passionate is to be alive” – Jason Gay

I love this quote from Jason Gay, the Wall Street Journal columnist. He frequently writes on sports and social issues. As a runner myself (although a slow one), his November 20th column about running hit a nerve with me. Runners, or all athletes for that matter, have passion about what they are doing. In my view, passion is an important quality for business success. Reading Jason’s column helped me reflect on my views about several key strategies to building and maintaing a successful career. It does not matter what you do for a living, these strategies will help you maintain the right attitude for success. First, one must have passion. As athletes have passion, we must also have passion and focus to do well and succeed. Without passion, you are racing toward extinction. Second, we must constantly focus on self-improvement. You should never be satisfied with yesterday’s success. There is nothing wrong with taking a bow for today’s acomplishments. Enjoy the moment. But always think of ways to improve and do better. This will always lead to the right result. As Jim Collins points out in his book Good to Great, we do not get from good-to-great by focussing on just average. Lastly, think like an owner. What does that mean? In a highly competitive world, owners must put clients, customers and products first in order to build a successful business. As you begin to think like an owner, it leads to a significant change in mindset. Thinking like the CEO of your own business changes the way you do things. It drives you to think in terms of excellence in all that you do. These three simple rules will help you manage on a day-to-day basis and build a lasting career.

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