New Directions

By Jim Ward

New Directions
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We first make our habits, and then our habits make us”. (Doug Silsbee)

I was recently reading Doug Silsbee’s great book, Presence-Based Coaching, where he brings up the topic of “habits”. Habits have an interesting way of influencing our behavior, both on the job and away from work. Some are good habits, while others are bad. At times, bad habits can effect our professional life in a very negative way.  Exactly, what is a habit? A habit is anything we naturally do without consciously thinking about it.  It’s something you do on a regular basis. Silsbee defines it as being “hardwired” into our brain.  Webster defines habit as “a thing done often, and hence, easily.” Throughout our childhood we develop our habits. The way you hold your knife and fork when you eat is a habit. A bad habit might be biting your fingernails, whereas exercising daily is an example of a good habit.

Have you ever thought about those bad habits you would like to change? Habits which get in the way of our professional success. Interrupting someone when they are speaking can be a negative habit which hinders our success on the job. Can you think about a recent interaction you had on the job where a negative habit got in the way? Being mindful of these things can help us improve, particularly when they get in the way of our personal success. Make your own list. Spend time thinking about that list.  Finding success on the job is difficult enough without our own bad habits getting in the way.

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