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“Grace must find expression in life, otherwise it is not grace.”
Karl Barth

As a clergyman it is prudent to name many people who have influenced me toward success in my career field.  How would I rank them in importance or effect?  There is one person, who if he had not been in my life at the time he was, made the most significant difference!

I never was an outstanding student.  Recently, I found some of my elementary and junior high school report cards.  I sure thought I had higher grades back then than the evidence proves. I did remember that my study habits in high school and college were just enough to get through school without causing too many waves from my educator-parents.

It was in seminary, graduate school for ministers leading to a M.Div. degree, when I finally began to correct my study habits. However, even there, with better study habits, I was enrolled in a required class for graduation. Without that class I could not attain my degree and without the M.Div. degree I could not be approved for entrance into the military as an Army Chaplain.

Oscar Reed was a venerable seminary professor who had been around so long, he attended college with my father! He was Head of the Philosophy Department. Midway through the semester during one class, I asked so many questions trying to understand any of the Philosophical arguments which Dr. Reed was expounding, that exasperated, he said: “Sullivan, will you please be quiet so I can teach this class!”

I went to him after class and told him I was going to have to withdraw from his mandated Philosophy class because I just couldn’t get my mind around this “idea of philosophy.”  He graciously understood my dilemma. He told me that if I would do a Book Report on a certain Philosophy book and PASS the final exam, he would give me a “C” for the course.

I wrote the book report. Dr Reed’s correct and pejorative assessment of the report was that I read the first part of the book pretty well, but it didn’t appear that I read the second half of the book very well. I did pass the final exam. Again, his criticism was biting, but correct: “If you had studied as much for the rest of the class like you did for the final exam, you would have done fine.”

Dr. Reed honored his commitment to me; I graduated from seminary; I had a career as a US Army Chaplain. Because of his influence, I have attempted to emulate Dr. Reed’s example of Grace to everyone in my life.

Thank you Dr. Oscar Reed…a man of great influence, understanding and support!

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