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Get noticed. It can lead to great things.

As editorial director for our portfolio of media brands (Churm Media), I’m involved in the selection of many of the individuals featured in our pages. Our flagship brand, of course, is OC METRO magazine, a 21-year-old business/lifestyle magazine that covers Orange County, CA. One of the things we’re known for is our “list issues” that highlight groups of business people in specific categories. We’ve branded “The Hottest 25 People in Orange County,” “20 Women to Watch,” “40 Under 40,” etc.  I have to tell you that when people submit nominations, the ones that stand out are those that have already been endorsed by a third party.  For example, if a woman is being submitted for consideration for our “20 Women to Watch” list and her accomplishments have already been noticed by other entities, we weigh that in our decision to include her. It validates her worth.

The problem is that when you’re just starting out, you don’t yet have any “claim to fame.” But, you have to start somewhere and that first “hit” is often hard to come by. It’s like getting your first job. You likely need to have experience before you can be hired, but you can’t get that experience until someone hires you.

So my suggestion is to just get started. Start submitting your information to media outlets and associations that recognize the accomplishments of women business owners. You’ll be amazed at how one award, honor or editorial feature can lead to other things.

In a previous venture of mine, I had my product featured in Working Mother magazine. Shortly after that, I got a call from a writer at Business Week who wrote about me. That eventually led to a feature segment on NBC’s “Today Show” where I was interviewed by Katie Couric.

So get started.  If you’re a woman who owns a business with at least $1 million in revenue for the last two years, Ernst & Young wants to know about you. Their program for high-potential women entrepreneurs could lead to great things. Thanks to Rachel Bondi, founder of Men Matter and an author and speaker, for sharing the information.


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