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Former NBC Anchor Michele Ruiz stresses ‘thinking time’



Former NBC News Anchor Michele Ruiz stopped by my office last week to connect. I’m so glad she did. Not only did I learn more about her recent business ventures, but I was inspired to reflect more on my own.

Former NBC anchor turned entrepreneur

Ruiz stopped by OC METRO to talk "entrepreneurship"

Ruiz’s time in front of the camera goes back some eight years (she won five Emmy awards as a broadcast journalist). Since then, she’s launched two companies and is about to announce the launch of a third. The Orange County, CA-grown entrepreneur has roots in Stanton and at Cal State Fullerton. She also attended Cornelia Connelly High School in Anaheim. The mother of two is as impressive in person as she was on the air at NBC. To her credit, she has repackaged herself, building on her own personal brand, and is now a “brand ambassador” for companies like IBM and Sprint.

“My Life as a Latina Entrepreneur” is the name of her blog where you can follow her each day. She shares her experiences as she builds her own business. Stay tuned for her debut of a new company that is designed to help all entrepreneurs package THEMSELVES for financing. Ruiz will be providing education and certification so that business owners seeking financing are prepared for the process and can increase their chances for funding. Much like pre-qualifying for an auto or home loan, the idea is that entrepreneurs will be well-prepared for the process.

As we chatted about entrepreneurship she stressed the importance of scheduling “thinking time.” Not just hoping to think something through when time allows, but actually booking time for the process of dwelling on goals and strategies.  I’m an action-oriented type person, always wanting to do something that produces results. I realized after talking with Michele that thinking time is not wasted time. It’s an investment in clear-headed leadership and strategic planning.

Do you book meeting times with yourself?  If so, how often and where do you “meet?”

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