Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

By Larry Broughton

Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

FLASHPOINTS: Under Pressure? Show Gratitude…and SMILE!

You’ll have a tough time excelling as a leader if you’re a prickly personality.

People look to leaders for guidance—more than that, they seek inspiration & often have high expectations of those at the helm.  It can become quite a responsibility; and some deal with the associated stress better than others. My way of dealing with leadership demands is to be completely grateful, flexible, and try (as best I can) to be pleasant to work with.  Nothing particularly fancy or complicated there, just being aware of myself with a focus on treating the team with the respect they deserve goes a long way.  When we show our gratitude, and don a smile while dealing with pressure, it gets noticed & encourages teammates to go the extra mile—and it makes life just a little more bearable.  Take a chill pill, dude…and smile!


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