Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

By Larry Broughton

Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

FLASHPOINTS: Time to Reach Up and Out.

“I absolutely believe that people unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”  ~Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot. 

I love this quote.  It’s succinct, and perfectly summarizes my point about the value of coaching.  There’s a misconception, however, that executive, leadership & entrepreneur coaches are best utilized when starting out in business, or when launching a new venture.  Sure, there’s significant value in having a coach during these critical periods, but they’re even more useful following some initial success.  Successful athletes don’t stop working with coaches once they’ve achieved professional stardom; they train even harder to reach their next milestone.  Every CEO, leader and entrepreneur I know who has achieved sustainable success invests in themselves by having a coach.  Your goals and aspirations are never too big, nor too small to work with folks who have traveled the path before you.  Is it time you reached up and out?


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