Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

By Larry Broughton

Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

FLASHPOINTS: Serve, Don’t Sell.

No-one likes a salesperson—so stop selling!

Ok, that might be extreme, but there’s an appropriate time and place to pitch your service or product—and networking events offer neither.  Too often we have an underlying agenda where we’re after something, and usually want the people we meet to help us in some way.  This might be fair, but going to a networking event and spending all of your time trying to ‘sell’ isn’t useful and is frankly, counterproductive.  Don’t do it!  No-one goes to networking events to buy, so don’t sell.   Instead, get to know people and serve those you meet.  Serving is the best way to build relationships, and people buy from people with whom they have relationships.  Serve, don’t sell.


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