Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

By Larry Broughton

Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

FLASHPOINTS: How Do You Engage Your Fanbase?

Want victory in your business or leadership pursuits? First, create fiercely loyal fans.

At the core of every endeavor is the beneficiary: the recipient—the customer—the team members in your charge.  No matter who they are, or their exact relationship with you; they’re impacted by your decisions, efforts, values, and value proposition.  They become the beneficiary of your problem solving skills, your vision, your savvy, and your tenacity.   We must recognize their worth because our level of success is directly proportional to the level of engagement & loyalty of these folks.  Reflect on how you can more actively engage your fan-base.  It can be as simple as asking their opinion; offering a small “thank you discount;” or a newsletter with relevant & useful tips…the possibilities are endless.  How do you encourage continued engagement of your fan-base?


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