Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

By Larry Broughton

FLASHPOINTS: Do You Really Need More Time?

It’s what we long for most, but leverage the least.
At the core of so many discussions is this familiar refrain: “I wish I had more time!”  Really?  Do you really think you’d have a better grasp on your life if you had a longer day, or would you simply stuff those bonus hours full of more mundane to-dos?  Perhaps more  hours in the day isn’t the right way to look at it.  How about setting more realistic time-frames, and deploying the appropriate resources to reach the goals to begin with?  Smarter still, surround yourself with higher-functioning teammates to help get more done (with less).  Or consider an overhaul of your systems; maybe there are ways to save time, talent & resources.  How can you stuff greater results into your tomorrow?
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