Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

By Larry Broughton

Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

FLASHPOINTS: Activate Your Vision.

Where there is no vision the people will perish.

~Proverbs 29:18

This is as true for organizations and companies as it is for communities and countries.  As leaders and achievers, we must develop a crystal clear vision of where we want to take our organization, while simultaneously inspiring action to make it reality.  Without action, our vision remains a dream.  Since success is a team sport, we must share that vision with our every team member and every stakeholder at every opportunity.  Having clarity around our vision and spreading that message far and wide will attract the right team members, clients, vendors and investors.  When organizations veer off course, it’s frequently because the leadership has muddied the vision or stopped effectively communicating the message to their sphere of influence.  How are you inspiring the power and energy to activate your vision?


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