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Fall Gardening Classes: OC Great Park

The Orange County Great Park is getting back to its roots.

Long before the El Toro Marine Base hosted its squadron of fighter jets, this vast acreage was the most valuable growing field on the Irvine Ranch.

At one time, James H. Irvine was able to claim that this area was the “largest privately held lima bean field in the world” supplying the troops in World War I with the protein rich food. 

Today, thanks to the  OC Great Park’s Farm and Food Lab, things are growing again on James Irvine’s old bean field.

Here the public can learn about sustainable farming and ways they can improve their own backyard gardens. Plus, vegetables grown in the Farm and Food Lab are donated to local food banks like Second Harvest and the Orange County Food Bank.

All throughout the Fall Season, The OC Great Park will host Gardening Workshops that are free to the public.

Saturday, October 6th  10 – 11am
Square Foot Gardening: Gardening for the Future”

Mark Fierle, UCCE Master Gardener of Orange County.
No space? No problem! Square foot gardening is an easy, fun and economical way to grow plenty of produce for your whole family in small spaces.

Saturday, October 13 10 – 11am
“The Scoop on Soil”

Dr. Jim Hruskoci, ScottsMiracle-Gro Company
Why is soil important? Dr. Jim Hruskoci from ScottsMiracle-Grow Company will discuss the properties of our native soil and how it can be improved. You will also learn about organic matter, compost and the addition of mineral components, proper soil compositions for raised beds, the differences in the variety of soil mixes and how to use the right soil for the right situation.

Saturday, October 27 10 – 11am
“Garden of Eatin'”

Kay Havens, UCCE Master Gardener of Orange County
One of the benefits of living in a Mediterranean climate is year-round produce grown in your own garden!  Learn what to plant and how to incorporate edibles into your gardening repertoire. Discover roots, shoots and fruits to liven up your plate, plus bountiful berries, fresh herbs and healthy greens.

Saturday, November 3 10 – 11am
“Colorful Flower Baskets for the Cool Season”

Kathy Moine, Green Thumb Nursery, Advanced Certified Nursery Professional
Banish the winter blahs! Your garden landscape and home décor will thank you. Learn how to make your garden an oasis of color and your home a floral retreat. Discover which annuals and perennials to grow and how to incorporate them to create a beautiful, bountiful basket of cool season color.

For more information, call  (949) 724-7420.

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