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Cole’s 2012 Resolutions

Source: frolic-blog.com via Pinterest

Have you made your list of 2012 resolutions yet?  If you have then good on you.  If you haven’t here are some ideas to get the think tank that is your brain flowing.

Less bumper sticker, more do.  You know those cars with a million stickers proclaiming everything from World Peace to Obama ’08? They are adorable but I’m more the one cause sort of gal.  What if you found one cause that makes your heart sing and give it everything you have?  This year quit talking about saving the Bengal Tiger and do it.  Roar.

Reach out and touch someone.  Not like that.  I’m talking about the phone. I know the concept of picking it up seems archaic in a world where ‘lol’ has replaced a belly laugh but I like hearing belly laughs.  They are loud and verging on obnoxious and come from a deep, deep place of joy.  A text cannot replace that laugh.  Now if they’d bring the rotary dial phone back I could take over the world.

Look at a darn tree. This young man was holding his iPad in one hand and iPhone in the other.  When I asked him what he used one for he answered, “To check email and go online.”  And the other?  “To check email and go online.”  I sat watching him for a bit longer and walking away said, “Put those down and look at some trees.”  Are you missing the trees?

Tip at Starbucks. You and I both know you go there every single day.  The barista knows not only your drink and your name but your love life.  It’s the 2012 version of Norm and Cheers.  And Norm tipped.  I’m sure he did.  Pull that dollar out of your skinny jeans pocket and acknowledge the people that get your morning gears in motion.  And remember many of these workers are engineers, MBA students, artists, single parents and, my favorite, Marines.

Mentor someone. You don’t need to write a big plan or make a huge fuss about it.  I’m simply talking about sharing your talents rather than hoarding them.  Grab a young colleague and take them to lunch.  Find a student that is interested in your field and show them the ropes.  Don’t be stingy with your gorgeous brain.

Give a little.  Giving back to your community can be as easy as picking up the litter someone left behind.  Or you could set up a donation to the Orange County Rescue Mission once a month.  That auto debit won’t hurt your wallet one bit.  Make it small.  Make it consistent.  Make it meaningful to you.  If many of us gave a little, not a lot, it would be quite a bit.  And quite a bit is quite good.

Grow your cultural muscle.  You crave local indie bands, the symphony, theatre and art but it goes so far off the radar with all the other things we have to get done in a day.  Calendar this into your, uh, calendar.  At least one cultural or artistic monthly endeavor can be a very attainable goal.  Think of all the brilliant conversation starters you’ll have at Paul Martin’s.  I can hear you now. 

Oh, and if none of these resolutions resonate with you, you might start with jumping in puddles.  Or blowing big, fat, pink bubbles.  Getting to know your neighbor.  Seeing a movie all by yourself.  Writing that letter you’re afraid to write.  Making the call that terrifies you.  Saying I love you even without the promise of it being said back.  Taking the bus.  Riding the Metro.  (Public transportation in other counties is cool.  I promise.)  Talking to people you might normally ignore.  Staying at a local hotel once a quarter to recharge.  And my favorite, belly laughing in that very audible, telephone sort of way.

What are some of your 2012 resolutions?  Share with me here.  I promise I won’t tell anyone.

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