The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Can’t Sleep?

I was speaking with a sales representative from a local company last week who said he was not sleeping very well. When I asked him why, he said he was worried about making enough commission to pay his bills. Are you waking up in the middle of the night thinking about prospects, presentations or how to hit your quota?

You can’t perform your best when you are stressed and tired. This is not uncommon for people who are struggling to make a living in sales. The best thing to do is be so prepared and sell so much that you don’t have to worry. But how do you do that? Here are a few tips to get back on track and sleep better:

1. Be the Best Possible Sales Person You Can Be – Often sales people are complaining about not being able to sell without taking the necessary steps to improve their performance. If you want to be great, take time every week to improve your sales skills and industry knowledge. Get a mentor or sales coach, take sales seminars and read sales books on a regular basis.

2. Get Organized – One of the most challenging aspects of sales for many professionals is staying organized. When you have a large pipeline of prospects and customers it is important to keep them all close. With technology available on smart phones and laptops, you can do this by using a good CRM like Zoho or Salesforce.com. Put notes after every meeting and set next steps before you leave.

3. Remember Your Successes – Often, sales people try and reinvent the wheel, time and time again. While it is important to try and customize each presentation and adapt to each prospect, most prospects in similar industries and positions will have similar challenges. Don’t think you have to start from scratch every time. Use the techniques that have worked well with similar prospects and make small adaptations to fit their business.

4. Take 15 Minutes to Recharge – Don’t think more is better! I have worked side by side with sales people who work through their breaks and lunches to try and get ahead. I have always taken 15 minutes to walk around the building and recharge or step out for lunch. This makes you more effective because your stress goes down and you are better prepared, mentally, to handle the objections and rejections that sales people face on a regular basis. I have been able to exceed my quota on a recurring basis because of this rule.

When you start taking control of your sales ability and become the best in your field, you will sleep soundly with visions of dollar signs dancing in your head!

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