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But There Were Heroes Present

It was just an ordinary street on an ordinary day with an extraordinary moment.  A distraught woman in her very heavy electric wheelchair was dangling half on and half off the curb of a major intersection.  Surrounding her were five young men.  If you saw them anywhere else you might jump to the conclusion that they were trouble makers.

In fact, they were heroes. 

When hundreds of cars continued to pass by without a thought for this woman in need, they held up her and her wheelchair with care, love and grace.  It seems the chair was too heavy to move and the woman was terrified if they tried that she would fall into the dangerous intersection, full of cars that didn’t care.  

But there were heroes present. 

I saw three grown, strong, strapping men drive away in construction trucks after looking at the woman and the five men.  I called the fire department against the woman’s wishes.  “I just need my husband!  My husband knows what to do!”  She continued to hold onto the traffic light metal post for dear life.  You could see the strain in her very weary arm.

“She won’t let us call 911.” The young men held on to her, calming her and explaining why no one reached for their phone.  The fire truck arrived just as her husband did.  And with five young heroes and one loving husband, they raised her chair safely onto the sidewalk. 

Many times it is the men and women in uniform that perform heroic, truly heroic acts.  Occasionally though, it’s some young guys on their way home from school, backpacks in hand, thinking about love and sports and the weekend.  Heroes don’t always have a uniform, do they? 

If you look hard enough under that faded Raiders sweatshirt I’m certain there’s a cape.

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