Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS



When the fog of chaos clears,
the clarity of a more promising path comes into view.

Conventional wisdom says we become more settled with age, and our career paths just seem to organically sort themselves out. Yet it’s estimated that a person will hold any given job for just over four years. Considering the number of years in the workforce, that’s a lot of migration! While the number of career changes may be fewer for entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s still common to move from one venture to another. The reality is, change is constant and no one has it all figured out … nor do they need to. Those who have found emotional nirvana expect, embrace and learn from change. When we stop enjoying what we do, it’s time to move on! In what areas of life do you feel the winds of change blowing?



Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible.

It’s critical to have a clearly articulated, aspirational and inspiring vision for business and life. Equally important to the written mantra is playing the mental movie, by visualizing the journey and the attainment of our goals. If we don’t believe it’s possible and can’t visualize it, how will we inspire and enlist others to join our cause? Olympians, warriors, peacemakers and empire builders have all used the power of visualization to achieve their goals. Here’s how. Step 1: Create an inspiring vision. Step 2: Believe it! Step 3: Visualize every detail of what success looks, sounds and smells like. Step 4: Play the mental movie over and over, several times every day. Step 5: Take action to make it so. In what ways are you prepared to do the impossible?

You don’t know what you don’t know
until you know you didn’t know it … you know?

Even after we’ve achieved much success in our career, business, and our relationships, there’s still so much more to learn and achieve in life. Lifelong learning is the ticket to an open mind, infinite ideas and unimaginable opportunities. Every new lesson learned can help us see the world in a new light—and it’s awesome! If we’re feeling stumped for creativity or finding it difficult to focus on our ideas, maybe it’s time to get out of our stale routines and take up a new learning opportunity. Perhaps it’s time to infuse a new perspective by adding someone new to our team or personal in-crowd. What opportunity to learn will you embark on next?




Knock, knock. Who’s there?
One new introduction could be all it takes.

Today’s challenge: We must take time to introduce ourselves to people we’d normally walk right past. We might be genuinely surprised by who they are. That’s right, we need to take risks and introduce ourselves to those we sit next to, the barista, or that neighbor we always see but don’t know. What are their stories? How might we serve? What might we learn from them? These people are in our lives, yet we’ve probably never had a lengthy conversation with them, because we couldn’t see their value to us. What if there was significant value there, but we just didn’t know it yet? Would that change our desire to interact with them? How many new friends can you make today, and what stories can you discover?


Courage begets sacrifice.

Sacrifice begets love.

Love begets loyalty.

It’s likely we’ve built up quite a rapport with those key people in our organization (and life) who have been around since the early days. They tend to sacrifice on our behalf, stand arm-in-arm with us when facing challenges, and become reliable leaders, advisors, and confidants. But, could the environment and relationship be getting a little stale for them? If we don’t afford these people our trust, offer them our love, and provide the freedom and resources to improve their station, systems and performance, how will we ever fully honor and respect them? We must make it a priority to engage with long-term loyalists to make sure they aren’t getting stale. What do you need to do to revitalize your loyalists?



Leadership is a choice.

Are you in, or are you out?

What may start out as us taking on an early leadership role to avoid the mundane, 9-to-5 job of achieving someone else’s dreams can sometimes lead to questioning who we are and why we’re working so hard! Aren’t “leadership” roles supposed to be easier than “worker” roles? Hell, no! Real leaders share the burden with their team when it gets too heavy, keeping their team focused by ensuring they are properly prepared to handle the heat, stress and unfair realities of everyday life. We step into the leadership gap because we want to make a positive difference. Leadership comes with the high price of determination, dedication and responsibility. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Are you going to step up, or should you step out?


Which came first,
the opportunity or the success?

It seems that recognized leaders and established businesses generate bigger and brighter opportunities simply because they’ve become well known. The fact is, it takes years (or even a lifetime) to create enduring success in any field. We must open our minds, keep a watchful eye, and create an occasion to bring value to those around us … then opportunity will find us. We must stop focusing on the timing of that big break and worrying about whether it will come complete with a neon sign pointing toward success. Every interaction and every connection is a critical step on our path to significance. Don’t miss any critical steps on that path by passively waiting for opportunity to come knocking! What opportunity will you create to serve others today?




Sometimes we need to cut our hair to find the true color.

We often rely on the reflection of a mirror to assess our physical appearance. But isn’t the reflection only as good as the mirror? Partially. In reality, it’s based mostly on our own PERCEPTION of ourselves. For example, someone who’s anorexic sees fat where none exists. This truth is not limited to our physical being, but to all areas of our self-perception. Think professionally, relationally, spiritually … or wherever we’re seeking excellence. Our perception may be totally off the mark, and that’s when we need to throw out the mirror and stop lying to ourselves. Often only mentors and loved ones can truly reflect reality to us. Who are you using to reflect your true image? Are they bold enough to share the truth? Are you courageous enough to listen?



       Where do opportunities come from?

                                                              Achievers create opportunities where others see work.

When it comes to opportunity, it’s rarely just a matter of good fortune. Not often can we say it was simply meant to be. And only sometimes can we attribute it to being in the right place at the right time. Most of the time, opportunity comes from serving others first, generating good word-of-mouth, expanding our sphere of influence, creating our own opportunities from nothing, and working hard to achieve excellence in every piece of work we put our name to. Building on our credibility, serving others, and demonstrating results will get us there. Where will your next opportunity come from?


Create a routine to maximize productivity.

Sometimes, no matter how organized we are, too much of our day is spent answering questions. Rather than getting through our own to-do list, we spend a disproportionate time with our team, helping them move forward with their own workloads. It’s times like these that having a daily or weekly routine can boost productivity. For example, meeting with the team each morning for a short block of time (in the hotel/restaurant industry this is called a “line up”) will cut down our time answering questions throughout the day. Also, marking out blocks of time during the week for undisturbed work, encouraging the team to do the same, works wonders. What would be the effect in productivity and morale if you tried one or both of these?