Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS


 You might give in just before the biggest achievement of your life.

As high achievers, we often take on the most demanding of tasks. At times this means feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and tired. It’s enough to make us want to throw in the towel, and trade it all in for a more average life. But, hold on! Didn’t you realize there’d be days like these? Yet, you chose to step into the arena, anyway. The fact is, you’ve always been up for the challenge … so, don’t stop now. Tenacity drives us to take on opportunity after opportunity, despite the hard work and long hours required. It’s disastrous to give up too early, only to miss out on a great success that’s just around the corner.What are you working on that needs a little extra “oomph” to cross the finish line?

Forgiveness starts with the most important person: YOURSELF

Having an exceptional life comes with a boatload of decision-making and risk-taking. Sometimes outcomes don’t match expectations, which leads to that dreaded F-word: FAILURE. And as people who take responsibility for our own actions, we’re often quick to point the finger and lay blame on the same person over and over: ourselves. Dwelling on these negative experiences doesn’t make them any less so—in fact, quite the opposite. Yet ignoring failures is also a mistake—we must embrace them, learn, and move on. Most importantly, we must forgive ourselves and let go of the negativity. So, next time the mental blame-game starts, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves; we’re all only human, after all. How can you embrace your humanity and cut yourself a break?



If you are traveling with children,
or are seated next to someone who needs assistance,
place the mask on yourself first, then offer assistance.

We’ve heard the safety presentation by the flight attendants regarding the use of oxygen masks should there be a sudden drop in cabin pressure. If we’re going to provide optimum, long-term value to our team, we must take care of ourselves first: physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Creating time for things like working out, regular break times, proper rest, and better planning to avoid the constant need for late night work contributes to that goal and sends a powerful message about priorities to our family and teams. Even taking time off to volunteer for a worthy cause does wonders for team morale, a sense of team cohesion and spiritual fulfillment. How are you ensuring that both your and your team’s needs are being met? Maybe you should ask them.

Opportunities are disguised as problems. From paper boys to CEO’s, what’s one skill needed to take advantage of those opportunities? Problem solving!

Opportunities are problems waiting to be solved; those that solve them reap the rewards. Being a problem solver is not just for ourselves—those around us MUST be adept at it. But can we promote more effective problem solving? Consider it two sides of a coin. Each individual must: (1) possess the desire to problem solve and think creatively and (2) be comfortable with and capable of problem solving together with others. So why not emulate a sports team and practice? Do a fun problem-solving challenge at the next team meeting. It will provide insights into how each person thinks and raise the collective skill level of the team. How well do you problem solve as a team, and what can you do to increase that?

Mediocrity only breeds more mediocrity.

The world is chocked full of people satisfied with working week after week without passion, living a life of gray mediocrity; for the grand payoff of two days a week, and two weeks a year of relaxation and fun.  We were created for more!  As we travel our paths towards a vision of greater things in life, we must remain diligent.  We must strive for excellence, and we must persevere.  If we don’t, we’re in danger of falling into the company of fools, naysayers, and energy vampires who let obstacles and fear paralyze them.  One day, they’ll get bitten by the hungry dog of regret. Now’s the time to identify our passions and articulate our vision for greatness.  What will you do to move your vision from fantasy to reality?


The best contribution we can make to our communities is challenging ourselves

and teammates towards personal growth and development.


As our teams and dreams grow (and sometimes fail), it’s important to remember we’re getting closer to our cause. Too often, we’re so caught up in our own personal & professional development & training programs that we forget to cast our eyes & energy on the development of those around us. Check your priorities and ensure your team has sufficient tools & resources to act successfully; give them ample opportunities to learn; and be driven by your desire to serve others. Most importantly, ask your teammates what they hope to accomplish by being part of your tribe (using private one-on-one meetings, confidential surveys, group meetings, etc.), then seek to make this their reality.  How can you help make the hopes & dreams of your teammates a reality?


Leaders are defined by the achievements of their team,

not the details of their daily decisions.

Sometimes a leader’s role is not to lead, but rather to act as a mirror.  It’s interesting to consider that the highest functioning, most elite team doesn’t need a leader to micromanage or make daily decisions at all. It requires a leader who can ask profound questions and identify the needs of the unit, then remove the bureaucratic barriers so they can defy the odds and accomplish their mission.  Ask yourself whether you’re controlling, enabling, or enhancing your team’s effectiveness.  Here’s a quick test: if you walked away from your team, would it continue to function successfully without you?  If not, perhaps it’s time to consider cutting back on your own decision-making and control, and encourage them to self-delegate & problem-solve among themselves.  Are you serving or suffocating your team?

FLASHPOINTS; Are you leading an inspired team?

There’s no greater leverage than a compelling vision, and an inspired team to make it so.

If we don’t believe in ourselves, or in the people we work with, can we really call ourselves effective leaders? It takes guts to identify a need or shortcoming, and then make the choice to enhance or improve in that area. It takes even more courage to openly share our vision, and to bring together a powerful and purposeful team to conquer our goals.  Let’s slow down for a second and consider that confidence, vision, and authenticity are traits in leaders that people find attractive. And since people like to be good, and they like to do good, it’s our responsibility to leverage that desire, and communicate effectively to do great things.  It’s our belief in our team, and in their potential, that empowers & enables them to multiply our efforts and impact. Are you leading an inspired team?


FLASHPOINTS: Where’s Your Mind Taking You Today?

All good things begin as a daydream. 

Every innovation, romance, discovery & adventure began as the fantasy of an optimistic daydreamer.  I once heard that we should be focusing our energy & resources on those things we think about when we daydream (or what we do when we’re procrastinating).  Let your mind wander around that one for a minute!  For some people this simply means spending more time doing what we love, or getting intentional about our bucket list; for others, it means a long overdue career change.  Ouch! How honest are you, with you, about what excites you?  Although a simple question, it can be difficult to answer because it takes courage to give ourselves permission to dream big. Schedule time to daydream, and note where your mind wanders.  Where’s your mind taking you today?

  Your choices may be the only biography people ever read about you.

Life is full of choices. Dream, or do?  Lead, or follow?  Speak up, or shut up?  Our everyday choices will form who we are; and will frame how our friends, fans, family and foes will remember us.  We must possess the courage to do the hard right, over the easy wrong.  What’s most profound is that we’re the only one who’ll ever really know whether we’re content with the choices we’ve made.  Consider this: every choice we make is an opportunity to show our true colors.  Like it or not, people are watching our every move.  Decision-making is our opportunity to step into our God-given potential by taking action and being honest with ourselves (and our loved ones) about the greatness we hope to achieve.  How will you be remembered?