The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Are You Kicking the Can?

Many kids grew up playing the game “Kick The Can.” This tag game required a person to tag players, where they are then sent to “jail” and frozen until rescued. Free players had to “kick the can” in order to release players sent to “jail.” This tag game mirrors what is happening to many sales people today.

First, we have the person who is “It.” These sales people run around contaminating the rest of the sales team with negative excuses like; “The economy is bad!,” “Our prices are too high!,” or “They can find it cheaper on the internet!” They are essentially freezing the rest of the team and sending them to jail because of the attitude they have.

Next, we see the sales people who are getting sent to “jail.” These are the sales people who feel like they are frozen, powerless and can’t do anything. They get tagged by whomever is “It,” listening to everything negative that is being said, and can feel frozen. They are waiting for someone to “kick the can” and rescue them because they perceive themselves as helpless.

Finally, we have the sales representatives who have been making a lot of money through this struggling economy. They are closing deals despite obstacles that are preventing others from succeeding. They are an inspiration to the rest of the sales team. It could be said they are “kicking the can” with their positive attitude to free the rest of those who would otherwise be “in jail”.

Which one do you find relates most to you and your sales team? If you want to move forward and close more deals, then your attitude is key. Getting out of your slump and getting your sales team out of “jail” may be as simple as having a proactive and positive mental attitude and kicking the can.

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