The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Are You a Superhero?

When I was a small child, I enjoyed reading comic books, so as an adult I am looking forward to the release of Iron Man 3 in May. Something deep inside me still enjoys the thought of someone with extraordinary powers coming to the rescue. Most of us have imagined ourselves as a superhero when we were children and everyone at one time or another has had a hero they looked up to. Do superheroes exist today? For years, I have taught in my sales courses that sales is a noble profession.

Sales is that type of position you can actually become someone’s superhero. Think about it logically. What do superheroes do? They save people who need help. What do sales people do? They help people and businesses that are in need. Is it that simple? Are we all superheroes? No, it takes a little more to become super. We have to act with the same characteristics of a superhero.

Here are five traits of a superhero to start you on the right path:

1) Attitude – The first thing a superhero needs is a positive mindset. You never see one saying. “I don’t think I can help.” Sales people have to adopt this attitude and know that you are helping those that need your product or service.

2) Moral – Honesty is essential for a superhero. The ones who are not honest are considered villains. Sales people who rise to the top usually have the same moral integrity. They never try to play games or trick customers. Rather, they are seen by customers as the type of people who they don’t have to second guess.

3) Sympathetic – Superheroes will not sacrifice others for their own benefit. They go out of their way to help those that can’t help themselves. If you care enough about your customers you want to help them succeed. As a sales professional, you can help businesses and consumers by providing them products or services that get them into a better situation.

4) Dedicated – A superhero never thinks twice about helping. Sales people have to have the same dedication to their customers. What separates the average sales person from the super sales person? Constantly helping and never passing the buck to someone else because you just don’t feel like helping, or ignoring someone who you don’t think will spend the money on your product or service.

5) Driven – Superheroes never give up. Sales people get frustrated with the rejections they receive. For many, rejection is like Superman’s Kryptonite, it will kill you over time unless you do everything you can to battle back and succeed.

When you approach your sales with a positive attitude, morality, sympathy, dedication and drive you will become a sales superhero.

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