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Tek Tips and Talk
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Are Technology Experts Bad Communicators? I Think Not!

We all know the technology industry has a less than stellar reputation when it comes to communication – specifically with clients. However, at Tekcetera, our team works hard to not fall into this stereotypical category. We pride ourselves on adhering to the wants and needs of our customers and clients at all times. How do we do this? Well, through phenomenal communication of course.

Below I have included a few best practice tips on how to communicate effectively – especially with customers and clients:

  • Edit Yourself: Pause for a moment before verbalizing a question or statement. This will ensure that whatever you say is well thought out. When it comes to written communication, especially emails, it is important to read through everything more than once before hitting the “send” key. In doing this, you avoid sloppy emails and the appearance that your thoughts were not complete.
  • Avoid Ambiguities: It is essential to be precise when communicating so as not to leave too much room for interpretation. If you are precise when you speak and write, your words will have a stronger impact on your audience.
  • Adjust Your Tone to Cater to Your Audience: Make sure to tailor your thoughts to your audience. Communicating too loosely with those you do not know well can lead someone leaving the conversation offended.
  • Make Eye Contact (except in an email): When communicating with someone in person, the most vital thing to do is to look them in the eyes. This asserts that you are 100 percent invested in the conversation at hand.
  • Always speak or write in a manner that the other party can understand: Along with avoiding ambiguities, it’s necessary to take the time to talk through a specific subject to ensure business users understand and grasp the overall concept. A lot of the time, technical people try to talk to business users about technical subjects that they just don’t understand.

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