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By Brad Davidson

The Fit Executive

Alcohol, Your health, and the Holiday Season

I know I’ve recently written about this topic, but there are some additional points I’d like to make on the topic of alcohol as it should be a major health consideration with all of the upcoming holiday parties. There are many opinions shared in the media on the effects of alcohol on your health. Some report that there are medicinal benefits, others paint a contradictory picture. The following are some of my opinions.

Alcohol is a toxin and slows health and fitness progress. When we get clients to cut it out completely, even for 30 days, they get results right away. With very few exceptions, those clients who drink regularly and refuse to change their alcohol consumption don’t experience the typical rapid transformation at Stark.

Cutting it from your lifestyle will carry with it many benefits, both long and short-term. Here’s a simple tip on how to be social through the holidays, surrounded by friends with drinks: make sure you always have a tumbler in your hand with water, ice, a lime and a stir stick. You’ll never get the peer pressure you’ll otherwise experience. The fact that you’re not drinking will never even enter the conversation.

Reasons to completely avoid alcohol:

  1. Sleep – alcohol induces sleep but then wakes you up; research shows you will sleep less and eat more the next day.
  2. Growth hormone will be blunted up to 75%–think of it like drinking from the “fountain of old”
  3. Sex hormone levels will plummet. Alcohol is toxic to the testes. Testosterone levels in men will drop even with a drink or two a day. As you get older, it’s common to have lower testosterone levels; alcohol will exacerbate that problem.
  4. Liver toxicity – because of all of the processed foods and toxins to which we’re exposed, many of us have underperforming livers without alcohol. With that in mind, your liver metabolizes fat, making it harder to lose body fat with every year that passes. Again, alcohol will only make your problem worse. Further, it can also lead to impotence, taking some of your cheer out of your holiday–no more naughty Santa.

For the drinkers (if you have to do it, here’s the best way):
1) Stop early in the evening to minimize the impact on your sleep
2) Eat proteins and fats, after, to try to stabilize blood sugar
3) Avoid sugary drinks (wine, sodas, etc)
4) Avoid beer because of its heavy gluten content

For more details on this topic and others go to www.blogtalkradio.com/starkradio. And remember, it’s your health–man up!

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