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5 Facebook Posting Pet Peeves

Aside from the typical grammar pet peeves, like the proper use of “their, there and they’re,” I have a few peevable moments for Facebook including the most preferable ways to post as a brand page. Rather than a rant, this list of top five should be viewed as quick tips to make the most pristine postings!

1. Tag tag tag! If you have a company that you are working with, tag them! This posts it to their page and notifies the other company to show you have mentioned them. It helps to encourage further interaction and promotion of your event or your partnership with their company. Warning: A maximum of 6 pages may be tagged in one post.

2. When you are adding a hyperlink, copy and paste it into the status field. Wait a second for it to load with the photo and description of the link. Then delete that ugly long hyperlink. The link will stay there and you are free to comment on it! Then click post!

3. If you are posting from a personal account and mentioning a company, make sure the post is “public.” This enables the post to appear on the other company’s wall. Otherwise it will simply be a link that is only visible to your friends. The drop down for each post’s privacy settings is to the left of the post button.

4. If something monumental happens to your company, make it a “Milestone.” This is the purpose of the new timeline format. It gives the posting more attention in your feed. You can post old milestones and add photos to show your company history.

5. Photos are SUPER important now more than ever. They appear large and are more likely to have interactions. As many times as you can, post photos along with your status update because they tell a better story than just a text update (and you wonder why Instagram and Pinterest are exploding socially!)

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