Ethical Edge

By Russell Williams

Ethical Edge

The Ethical Edge: inspiring Leaders of Integrity
An Advent Allegory For Leaders of Integrity
Chief Inspirational Officer
The Ethical Edge

Once from Beyond Time…
The Voice from the Great Mountain reflected upon
What if…from within Myself…I created life
in remembrance of my Voice?

On a remote, celestial sphere in the cosmos
The Voice from the Great Mountain created humanity for a
noble purpose.
The One Voice birthed humanity with a mission of
Within the mind, heart and hands of all…my Voice lives.

In Time…
Humanity became the pulse of self-awareness on the celestial
sphere        called Earth…
Growing its power while forgetting it noble purpose and mission of
remembrance…causing great pain on Earth.

In Time… there came a time…
Adventurous heroes stepped forward as leaders
everywhere present.
They were called to a Hero’s journey as Leaders of Integrity
to pursue the noble purpose and  mission of remembrance for

A legion of Leaders of Integrity awakened: 
Women and men of goodwill, known to each other as
Influencers for Good   brought hope-filled, encouraging gifts of good
at home, at work and in the communities of their influence
guided by their mutual remembrance of the Voice from the
Great Mountain.

In Time…
Leaders of Integrity from many lands and languages
gave meaning to the Hero’s Quest known from
Beyond Time…

“My Heroes… Leaders of Integrity…are My Voice
offering themselves to others with the
purity of their mind, heart and hands.”

Christmas Eve, 2013

Russell may be contacted at russ@ethicaledge.org

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