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By Russell Williams

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In early January, 2013, I began a yearlong hiatus from writing the weekly Ethical Edge column as I shared these words: “Next week and moving throughout 2013, the Ethical Edge will present a guest storyteller on The Art of Integrity.  Each columnist will recall the Who, When, Where, What that occurred in their adult life when a person provided a significant message of influence that helped to shape the art of integrity inquiry in their life journey.

“I am deeply confident that our weekly Ethical Edge guest columnists will accomplish a variety of outcomes with our audience….inspiring, encouraging, reminding, challenging, and most importantly, assisting each of us to use our personal and professional life as a playground of exploration for the Art of Integrity.”

To all forty-eight columnists I share my public thanks for a job well done.   Together, all of you collectively delivered an expressive canvas of rich color of The Art of Integrity. You captured the Who…When…Where Storytelling that revealed the pay it forward nature of our shared journey of integrity.

Integrity is a powerful word.  Most people perceive Integrity with a Mt. Rushmore like image conjuring up inviolable strength of character carved in granite for all to see and admire.

Basically, when integrity is perceived as a fixed pillar, defined in time, the word becomes mind mythology that fails to recognize integrity as organic, unfolding growth and discovery nurtured continuously as we cross paths with others who help us see our Tomorrow lived out Today in the actions of a mentor who provokes our integrity journey of  development and exploration.

The passing of Nelson Mandela gives a glimpse into the journey of integrity as a never-ending exploration of wholeness.  Mandela loathed being thought of as a Saint.  He knew himself to be a man of both commitment and contradiction…a man on a mission exploring the great theme of human dignity and worth…while he spent a lifetime working through personal and professional lessons of what it means to do no harm.  He never forgot the mission of integrity’s wholeness while experiencing many potholes of failure.

Integrity’ s story of wholeness may be best understood by pausing to appreciate the relational, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual complexity of what it means to continually journey with a commitment to grow our integrity…daily…in our relationships with others as we pursue influence for good at  home, at work and in the community.

Russell can be contacted at russ@ethicaledge.org.

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