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Ethical Edge

The Ethical Edge

Tony Enrico
President, Tony Enrico LLC

“A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but the one who creates the most leaders.”

- Neale Donald Walsch

Life is filled with highs and lows.  I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful wife as my best friend and confidant.  Michelle has been extraordinarily helpful in keeping me grounded and helping me to see the world from varying perspectives. Her counsel has counted often.
I have spent the large majority of my professional career as an executive in Fortune 500 companies where pressures are always high, the travel is extensive, and the demands never ending.

Throughout my career I’m grateful I have had my best friend and confidant’s support…most particularly from 2007-2012.
In 2007 I was asked to become the President/COO to turn around a nearly bankrupt $100M business.   It proved to be the biggest professional challenge of my life.

Because the distressed business is headquartered in the Midwest, I was on the road 50-75% of the time.  When I was home, my evenings and weekends were consumed with seemingly impossible financial, legal and operational issues.  I missed many of my kids’ sporting events. The quality time with my family was infrequent. Regardless, Michelle remained understanding and supportive.

Being the “turnaround” guy is extremely hard work. The adage “it’s lonely at the top” is true.  One must demonstrate confidence and communicate with clarity yet, continuously deal with complex and paradoxical business and people problems that pull on you.

Often, at a most important moment, my best friend and confidant was there for me.  Michelle’s listening could be accompanied with sage counsel, offering a significant perspective to help me reframe my responsibilities.  On one such occasion, after a time of listening to my professional challenges, she offered profound words, which to this day, echo in my mind:  “Tony, do what you must do with love and kindness.”

Granted, always operating with “love and kindness” is easier said than done.  However, if you are committed to being a great leader, integrating love and kindness into your daily actions does create very positive results.

Tony can be contacted at Tony@TonyEnrico.com

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