The Fit Executive

Maybe It’s Time to Put Eggs Back on the Menu!

In a recent article by Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post writes “The U.S. government is poised to withdraw longstanding warnings about cholesterol,” ready to undo warnings dating back almost four decades!  This is amazing, groundbreaking stuff in the world of nutrition. Key points (read more): Eating foods high in cholesterol may not affect the […]

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Larry Broughtons FLASHPOINTS

yoogozi.com Commit entirely, live out your passions, and go full steam ahead! I often write about conducting reconnaissance on our competitors in business—maybe that’s because it’s often our competition that drives us to do more and achieve more. In truth, if we want to be recognized as an industry leader, and if we want our […]

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New Directions

Transcendent Talent?

“Transcendent talents come with baggage. Kobe Bryant can take a team to unimagined heights, but he takes so many shots and dominates the ball so throughly he can limit the effectiveness of his teammates.” – Colin Cowherd We all know how to define success in sports. It’s all about winning! In business, the metrics are not as clear […]

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The Postmodern Executive

Conflict Coaching in The Workplace

In the contemporary business climate, conflict management has become an unavoidable part of any manager’s job description. Conflict management and/or conflict coaching is now considered an important part of any supervisors role, sometimes taking more than 30-40% of his or her time. Acquiring conflict management and conflict coaching skills is vitally important for the contemporary […]

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OC Legal Buzz

Donald Sterling Should Praise His Estate Planner

In case you’re not a sports fan, or you live under a rock –and many would say the two go hand in hand– this past Spring was filled with talk radio topics and blogs about Donald Sterling, the soon-to-be former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, a professional basketball team. Topics ranged from racism (and […]

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Ethical Edge

The Ethical Edge: inspiring Leaders of Integrity ARE ALL THE HEROES GONE? An Advent Allegory For Leaders of Integrity RUSSELL WILLIAMS Chief Inspirational Officer The Ethical Edge Once from Beyond Time… The Voice from the Great Mountain reflected upon itself…asking What if…from within Myself…I created life in remembrance of my Voice? On a remote, celestial […]

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OC Hospitality and You

ConnectOC: Taste of Marquee Event Thursday 10/17

Founded by a few Orange County Professionals in 2010, ConnectOC was devised as a portal of event hosting for authentic Orange County Networking. The mission of ConnectOC is to use social media to connect, socialize, network and contribute in meaningful ways to each other, the Orange County community as well as the local economy. In […]

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Making The Cut

Making the Cut: Knowing When to Refocus Your Resources

Over the past year, Jennifer and I have had a lot of fun sharing our insights and experiences. We hope it has helped other small business owners along the way.  We have covered topics such as: maintaining a positive environment in the workplace, employee retention, and client satisfaction. It has been a great ride, but […]

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Blue Moon

Tonight’s Blue Moon is the last one until 2015, and it was a spectacular sight. Seen over Dana Point and Doheny State Beach, Laura Bloom, OC Daily Photo at OCMetro.com. Find me on Instagram @suburbancrafty .

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OC Day Tripper

Avalon at 100: Catalina Island

One of my favorite places is celebrating a very important birthday. The City of Avalon on Catalina Island is turning 100 this year, and residents are marking the occasion with a summer full of travel specials and festivities.   The picturesque village of Avalon is one of Southern California’s most popular destinations with over one […]

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The Sales Advantage

What End Of The Banana Are You Holding?

I recently watched a colleague demonstrate the easy way to peel a banana. While most of us here in the United States peel a banana from the stem, the proper and more efficient way is to start by pinching the other end, and peeling back, just like you may have seen a monkey do it […]

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Branding Matters

Tips For The Best Brand Exposure on Social Media

As business owners, entrepreneurs or active bloggers we all want to find the best way to get the most exposure for our brand when using social media. When wrapped up in the day-to-day, it can be very easy to skip a step when promoting the latest blog, video or press release. Here are a few steps you […]

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OC Latino Movers & Shakers

OCHCC to honor Business and Community Leaders with Estrella Awards

The Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (OCHCC) hosts the Estrella Awards every year to continue assisting the Hispanic business community and to recognize the outstanding contributions in the fields of business, community and education. Representatives and community leaders from Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego counties attend this event and support the Chamber’s […]

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Tek Tips and Talk

Tek Tips and Talk: How to Prepare for the Next 10 Years

As I’ve discussed, this past November marked Tekcetera’s 10-year anniversary. Once a business hits a milestone such as this, many people start to ask: what’s next? It’s equally important for businesses’ short-term and long-term goals to be discussed and mapped out. As a business owner and leader, I’ve always thought big picture. Not just what […]

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How Its Done

Introducing the new “Most Interesting Man in the World” Tim Ferriss

Ask a question or join the conversation or let us know what you think! Introducing the new “Most Interesting Man in the World” best-selling author, angel investor and life-hacker Tim Ferriss. Don’t know him? You might know Tim from his growing 4-Hour “doing something cool” franchise: The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Body and now…wait […]

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Are Key Messages Locking You Out?

During the recent roll out of new products for the holidays, I observed various company spokespeople and executives on television and in print describing their new offerings. Who delivered the best answers and insights bemused me. If I had to assign a grade I would give most of them a C-to-D average. This is not […]

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What Frogger Taught Me About
Business Success

The ancient poet Virgil once said, “Fortune sides with him who dares.” I can’t help but imagine he was talking about playing video games. The risks were high in the 80’s: constant risk of radiation poisoning from sitting inches away from a 13’ Zenith, or the threat of carpel tunnel after gripping a controller for […]

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Creative Cause

Creative Halloween Swap

One of the biggest Halloween thrills for kids (and some adults) is seeing how much candy they can collect. I’m getting a sugar high just thinking about it. This year, some Orange County families are actually willing to part with the likes of Butterfinger, Reese’s, Whoppers and my personal favorite, Sour Straws in support of […]

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Sports Supremacy

The New-Look Lakers

With the new NBA season approaching, Southern Californians have much to be excited about. This upcoming season has as much promise as any other Laker season. After and early exit from last season’s playoffs and a long off-season the Lakers pulled of enough big moves to have the picked as the favorites. Dwight Howard, Steve […]

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Adventures in New Media

Learn from Social Media Experts at Explore OC

For the first time Explore OC will be coming to town for a two-day conference that will bring together some of the top thinkers and influencers in the world of social media marketing.  Hosted by Social Media Explorer’s Jason Falls the conference promises to get down and dirty into the business of social media. This […]

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Make your writing ‘sensational’

What’s the difference between sensation and perception? And why, as a writer, should you even give a hoot? “Sensation” refers to the assimilation of the “raw” sensory elements that we take from the world around us. With our sense of sight, for example, images are detected by the rods and cones on our retinas and […]

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OC Honors it’s Culinary Scene with the Golden Foodie Awards

On Sunday night Orange County’s finest restaurants, chefs and food lovers gathered together for the first annual Golden Foodie Awards. This red carpet event, held at the Fairmont Newport Beach Hotel was full of glitz, glamour and gorgeous gourmets. Finally a “peoples choice” award ceremony to honor the incredible food scene that Orange County has […]

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The Bottom Line

Dispatches From The Road: A Tale of Two Countries

Fourth in a series of reports from the Eastern Mediterranean By Churm Media CEO and OC METRO Publisher Steve Churm   ISTANBUL, Turkey – It has been three decades since I was in this wedge of the world. Returning to Greece and visiting western Turkey for the first time has deepened my understanding of the […]

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Are you a problem or an answer?

It’s a motto I have using for years. When people would ask me relationship advice, or career advice, or even ‘should I write this book?’ advice (FYI people just ask me everything )….It was always part of the conversation. Be an answer. Not a problem. We all want to be desirable. Popular. Successful. Valued. Admired. Loved. To achieve any […]

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Meet and Greet

Not business as usual: Meet 370 Common Kitchen + Drink

Have you hit this new Laguna Beach hot spot? It’s new in town, owned by Chef Ryan Adams and is a great, laid-back, approachable eatery for a client dinner. There is also a private dining space in their upstairs Whiskey Room for up to 8 guests. I met up with Chef Ryan to get to know […]

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Your vote will help create jobs

Quick blog post here. I’m asking you to support a woman-owned company in its pursuit of a grant: Los Kitos Produce.

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OC Tech Talk

Advantages and Disadvantages to Off-Shoring Software Development

Off-shore vs on-shore development Some clarifying questions come to mind. Do you have the right kind of vendor and engagement model? Do you have the proper level of talent on the team that is able to collaborate with you? From the sound of your question, I would guess the answer may be no to both […]

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Dunn & Done

Millions, Billions, Gazillions: But where are the reforms and innovations?

Have you noticed? Everyone’s asking for more taxpayer funding. For education, Sacramento majority leadership wants voters to approve a seven year tax increase of “billions” in new funding, yet it may not really fund education per se but general state government; a competing, private ballot measure seeks “billions” for the classroom under a status quo […]

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5 Facebook Posting Pet Peeves

Aside from the typical grammar pet peeves, like the proper use of “their, there and they’re,” I have a few peevable moments for Facebook including the most preferable ways to post as a brand page. Rather than a rant, this list of top five should be viewed as quick tips to make the most pristine […]

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the Amuse(d) Bouche

Cooking at Home in Paris

As much as we like to eat out, you just can’t do that all the time and keep your girlish figure…so, as a rule, we generally cook at home about 50% of our meals.    The food shopping spree left us with enough food for all of our breakfasts, a couple of lunches and a couple […]

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Going Postal

I had one of those notices from the IRS saying they wanted something.  It doesn’t take AP Chemistry to know you respond to those letters.  I wasn’t home when the super serious ‘you must respond or else we will take your kidney and leave you in a bath tub filled with ice’ letter arrived so […]

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A Meeting of the Mindless

Not much gets done by committee. There are a thousand pull quotes I could insert to reinforce: “A committee is a group of the unprepared, appointed by the unwilling to do the unnecessary,” “A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours.,” Muddle is the extra, unknown personality in any committee.” But, there […]

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Customer Focus

Customers Will Pay a Premium for an Extraordinary Experience

A couple of years ago Volkswagen Sweden performed an experiment to prove a theory. The theory is: if you make something fun, you can get people to change their behavior. The company took a subway station where most people take the escalator and outfitted the stairs to look and act like giant piano keys. The […]

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Being Green at Work

Years ago, most companies were on the band wagon on being green. From making automatic lighting adjustments in bathrooms, kitchens and warehouse’s to putting recycle bins by all trash bins.  The wall switch you see around are these and are priced fairly reasonable. Have you noticed your company make any of these changes? If so, they […]

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How will you give back in 2012?

As we head in to a new year, many of us are pausing to reflect on the past and plan for the future. While we look around ourselves during this truly historic and economically unstable moment in time, what plans are we making, both as individuals and as businesses in Orange County, to help those […]

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